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If I could take the feeling that everything is perfect #fromwhereibike into all other aspects of life and give it to others who are feeling blue, life would be a joy ride. #brooklyn #newyork #bikeporn #funbetweenyourlegs (Taken with Instagram at Cobble Hill)

Instagram Beyond the Numbers my first post for scatter/gather, Razorfish’s content strategy blog. A glimpse into what makes Instagram what it is. Stayed tuned for more to follow. Note the #fromwhereibike image to accompany the blog ;)

#fromwhereibike on Instagram

Just noticed Instagram HQ is blogging regularly now. Thanks to @eystorymedia for that heads-up. Love love love the #fromwhereibike series. I’ve been doing it all along, and now I see I’m not alone. Next hastag to feature IG? How’s about #funbetweenyourlegs a la @stephenthorpey


Photos by tylerturtle, joey, rowdydugan, bexfinch, financedepartment, carlsturgess, taerizz, peteradams, favro & akhravi.

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