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Peripatetic, relentless observer of human behavior and seeker of stories.

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That moment when the sun sets on the sea. (at Zalić Silba)

The shepard and his flock on island Pag (at Košljun - Otok Pag)

When in Dalmatia the phrase you really need to know: “Ajmo na kavu” (at Alavija)

Can you identify this delicacy? Hint: comes from the Adriatic Sea (well, these do, but you can find them in any clean sea) (at Silba Croatia)

Ye Olde English Countryside it is. (at Buckleberry)

Not a bad day at sea. #StatueOfLiberty (at Governer’s Island)

Just these chairs. And jungle beach. And why do they put the white paint on the palm trees again?! #PieDeLaCuesta #Mexico

Another shot of México. #Acapulco #beachside

Remembering México. Markets unlike any others. Colors galore. Spices dried. Mole ready. Tacos, quesadillas so fresh! And made by hand. Fresh juices flowing over. Life Lived.

Mostly smoke and mirrors….and maybe a little pouty face….to add some good humor. #ImBackOnInstagram

Current location. #Acapulco (at Hotel Banyan Tree Cabo Marques)

Happy birthday, @avandy ~ we 💝 you! And wish that all your dreams come true this year. (at Bia67)

Sam Smith - Nirvana

This is my favorite epic battle love song of the moment.

Upstate New York = Cider. #localbrew (at Wurtsboro N.Y.)

Here’s your Trinidaddy. Kendall & Andre bringing the cute. (at Summit Stimpers Plaza)

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